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Common Cases a Civil Rights Attorney can Help With
March 16, 2022 at 4:00 AM
maxwell tillman civil rights attorney

Whether you or someone you know may be in need of an attorney, there are certain instances where a civil rights attorney is an incredibly valuable asset. A civil rights attorney advocates for those who have had their rights violated, regardless of their citizen status. Civil rights lawyers offer legal advice and support for immigrants, DACA recipients, natural-born citizens and more.

Here at Maxwell Tillman Law Firm, we strive to provide the people of Birmingham, Alabama, with the legal advice they need in various civil rights situations. Our job is to ensure our clients have as much information as possible and feel confident as they handle their case. We strive to offer ongoing support throughout the entire process. Here are some instances where you may benefit from working with a civil rights lawyer.

Exploitation of migrant workers

Unauthorized immigrants make up at least 5% of the workforce in the United States. Unfortunately, it’s very easy for companies and individuals alike to exploit and take advantage of these workers. Many migrant workers receive below-average pay and have to work in unsafe conditions. A civil rights lawyer can help their clients fight for safe working conditions and proper wages.

Misconduct of law enforcement

As many know, there is an ongoing debate about if law enforcement treats people fairly, specifically non-white individuals. This can happen in many forms, from physical altercations to ongoing bullying and profiling. Whether you or someone you love is involved in a situation where law enforcement handled a situation inappropriately or used excessive force, a civil rights lawyer can help you with your case.

Hate crimes

Unfortunately, the United States has seen an influx of hate crimes throughout the nation, specifically targeting those of various non-white communities and those of certain religions. These heinous acts are a violation and should be treated as such. If you’ve been subject to a hate crime, you have the option of working with a civil rights attorney to get retribution for any damage inflicted.

Interfering with access to healthcare

Healthcare is incredibly important, and having access to affordable healthcare can be a challenge. Some businesses attempt to interfere with their employees gaining access to healthcare, targeting certain groups and creating unfair conditions that are nearly impossible to meet. If you feel that your employer is preventing you from accessing healthcare, you can work with an attorney to fight for your right to apply for healthcare.

While all of these situations are difficult, stressful and sometimes painful to deal with, know that you are not alone. And it’s important to get the right kind of legal representation to ensure you present your case well.

We here at Maxwell Tillman Law Firm believe in providing our clients with informative, thorough legal support. Whether you have questions about our services or want to know about our civil rights work, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today!